ASEAS Postdoc Funding Workshop

Image: Science Online 2011 by Simon Cockell/Flickr; Licence: CC BY 2.0

This workshop is designed for ASEAS members* who are final year PhD students and those who have recently completed their PhDs, and are looking to secure a postdoctoral position.

The workshop will take place over two hours and will cover topics such as transitioning from the PhD to the postdoc, networking and academic collaboration, traditional and non-traditional postdoc routes, international postdocs, maximising the potential of small grants, and upskilling for alt-academic career paths.

During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to hear from three postdoctoral researchers about their experiences, as well as from an established academic about the selection panel process.

Following the talks and Q&A, the workshop will divide into break out rooms where participants will have the chance to engage in smaller groups, focusing on topics such as finding a mentor, the application process, international postdocs, networking, and alt-academic routes.


  • Chair: Deirdre McKay, ASEAS(UK); Professor of Sustainable Development at Keele University
  • Graeme Barker, Disney Professor of Archaeology Emeritus and Senior Research Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research at the University of Cambridge
  • Dylan Gaffney, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
  • Charlie Rumsby, Sociological Review Fellow, Keele University
  • Maddy Thompson, Early Career Fellow, Keele University

Thursday 11 November 2021 12.00pm to 2.00pm (BST)

Online via Zoom. Click here to register.

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