Digital Impact Award

Digital Impact Award – applications for the next round will open on 3 October 2022 – watch this space!

ASEAS welcomes applications from Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers in any field of Southeast Asian studies for its new Digital Impact Award. 

With travel restricted in the current climate the aim of the award is to support the creation of a digital project based on research or a project that has already been conducted in Southeast Asia.

The project could involve:    

  • The dissemination of research to a non-academic audience through a website or film;
  • Online collaboration with an external partner or organisation in Southeast Asia on a project directly related to your research;
  • The development of a film or similar artistic project. For example the Spring 2021 Digital Impact Award recipient, Charlie Rumsby, is using the award to create a short film about Christian mission in Cambodia. To find out more about the project visit:

The purpose of the funding is to enable scholars to promote their work through a non-traditional platform to both academic and non-academic audiences. It is hoped the process will enable scholars to develop their research and refine their ideas, as well as foster a wider interest in Southeast Asian Studies.


  • The award is open to current members of ASEAS(UK) who are candidates for MRes, MPhil or PhD degrees or Early Career researchers. ‘Early Career’ scholars are those within five years of their first continuing lecturing or research appointment.
  • There is one award for £1500 open to PhD, MPhil, MRes students and early career researchers.
  • The decision on allocating the award will be made on the basis of the proposed project’s fit with the criteria outlined above and on the expected outcomes.

How to apply

The next round of applications will open on 3 October 2022 – watch this space!

For the first time the Research Impact Award and Digital Impact Award will be combined so applicants may apply for either award, with the strongest application receiving either the Research Impact or Digital Impact Award.

The Award winner will be selected by the ASEAS Research Grants Committee. Details of the Grants Committee members can be found at:

Previous Recipients

Spring 2021
The Spring 2021 Digital Impact Award recipient was Dr. Charlie Rumsby! Charlie Rumsby is a research Fellow at the Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University with research interests in youth, children, belonging and citizenship.

Charlie is using the award to create a short film about Christian mission in Cambodia. To find out more about the project visit:

Autumn 2021
The Autumn 2021 Digital Impact Award recipient was Kellynn Wee!

Kellynn is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology, University College London. Kellynn’s research focuses on table-top roleplaying games — mainly Dungeons and Dragons — in Singapore. She focuses on D&D as an example of a collaborative storytelling practice, and how it allows humans navigate the contingency of human existence through the co-construction of narrative and fate. 

Kellynn’s digital project, Sunk Coast, which she’s developing with writer and GM Ruchika Goel, will be a Dungeons & Dragons short adventure game set in a permaculture co-op community built on the coastal lands that have survived the rising sea levels of climate collapse in Asia. There’s no need to work for money, jellyfish farms float in the shallows, and technology is powered by magic and sustainable energy. But even in this world of abundance, there is a growing realisation that something has gone wrong… We’ll bring you more news on her digital project as it develops!


Impact, Digital Impact, and Methods Workshop Catch Up
If you’re interested in applying for the Digital Impact Award and would like to see how other researchers have made a digital impact, you can still watch the recording of our Digital Impact Workshop, which took place as part of the ASEAS-SEAC Digital Summer School in May.

[Image: Courtesy Charlie Rumsby. Illustrator: Ben Thomas]