Guidelines for ASEAS(UK) Book Reviewers

Book reviews are commissioned by the ASEAS(UK) Book Reviews Editor by pairing reviewers with books/titles/publishers and other review copies.

Reviews are usually on upcoming titles from current seasonal catalogues. Unsolicited reviews will be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis.

The Editor will arrange to have a review copy sent to the reviewer.

The reviewer should confirm with the Editor via email when books have arrived and submit reviews within four weeks, or by the agreed upon date with the Editor.

Reviews should be up to 500 words (850 max) and suitable for blog/online format.

A 100 word abbreviated ‘abstract’ for the review for social media purposes and social media information (i.e. twitter handle) can be included with the review. The Editor will then forward this to the Social Media Editor once the book review has been published.

If you have any questions or are interested in writing a book review for ASEAS(UK), please contact our Book Reviews Editor on