Guidelines for Book Reviews

Our aim is to increase engagement with new publications with a focus on Southeast Asia. In nearly every instance these will be academic publications but our book review posts are not intended to be the ‘academic’ book reviews you would find in a journal.

Your review should therefore be written with as wide of an audience as possible in mind, including university students at all levels of study, academics, non-academic specialists, journalists and curious members of the public.

Length: Please try to stick to 1,000-1,200 words, with paragraphs not longer than 200 words per paragraph.

Spelling: Where possible (unless in direct quotes) we use UK spelling i.e. centre rather than centre, labour rather than labor etc etc

Deadline: Unless told otherwise please assume an expectation that your review will be submitted six weeks after it is assigned to you. However we do understand life can get in the way of plans so if there is an issue please just email the Editorial Director (aseaseditor AT gmail DOT com)

Editorial Process: Following your submission your review will be copy-edited. Almost every review will be returned with minor requests (usually stylistic) but some may come with requests for more information. Please do not take this personally – we are just trying to get a uniform style and approach that is apparent in all reviews.

Questions? Please do not be afraid to ask questions or request clarifications – no question is embarrassing!

First time writing a book review? We recommend checking out the LSE Review of Books’ great guides on ‘How To’:
Writing an Introduction
10 Tips for Book Reviewers
Reviewing an Edited Collection

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